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Conifer Stumps Removal, Oakwood

Conifer Stump Removal, Oakwood © Gardenscape 02

We were asked to remove 12 conifer stumps from a customers garden. Thankfully the customer that had cut down their Leylandii’s left a foot or so to winch the stumps out. Access to the garden was restricted so this was the most practical method. – Location – Oakwood, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

Scots Pine Crown Lift, Longford, Ashbourne

Scots Pine Crown Lift, Longford, Ashbourne © Gardenscape 02

This was our second job in Longford. We spent a whole day doing various tree works which included removing small trees, thinning out and crown lifting a row of Scots Pines in the front garden of this property. It was the hottest day of the year so far and it sure was a joy to be doing tree work in such beautiful surroundings on a …

Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

Today I spent the afternoon walking around Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. There was a beautiful soft pinkish light casting over Derbyshire during the day so I thought some good photos could be found. Always loved Calke Abbey, it’s a naturally beautiful area with some of the oldest trees in Europe and probably has the best looking trees you will find in Derbyshire. Some of the mature …

Conifer Removal, Melbourne, Derbyshire

Conifer Removal, Melbourne 06

One of our regulars based in Melbourne, Derbyshire asked us back to remove a 30ft conifer from his front garden. He wanted to allow more light into his garden and home. – Location – Melbourne, Derby Images © Gardenscape/Daniel Dytrych –

Privet Hedge Trim, Mickleover

Privet Hedge Trim, Mickleover 02

One of our regulars in Mickeover, Derby. We trim this Privet hedge between 3/4 times during the spring/summer season. This is the final trim now until early spring next year. The hedge was becoming to wide at roadside view by the lamp post, so our customer asked us to take it back a few inches to fall back behind the lamp post. As you can …

Beech Hedge Trim, Brailsford

Beech Hedge Trim, Brailsford, Derby 03

Here is a fairly long  Cooper Beech hedge (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) that we were asked to trim. Generally late summer around early/mid-august is the best time to trim them as they hold on to their new leaves throughout the winter in their brown autumn state, providing all year round screening. – Location – Brailsford, Derbyshire Images © Gardenscape/Daniel Dytrych –

Robin Wood, Ticknall, Derbyshire

Robin Wood, Derbyshire 01

I went to Robin Wood, a woodland managed by the Forestry Commission, situated between Swarkestone and Ticknall. I often come here to walk my dog, peaceful loads to explore and full or uneven terrain. The dog loves it to as there are so many scents he can get his nose tucked into. It can feel like wandering through a huge forest somewhere in America, and …

Small Cherry Tree Removal, Melbourne

Cherry Tree Removal, Derbyshire 01

We were asked to remove a Cherry tree (Prunus avium) as the customer felt it was getting to large for its allocated space. When the tree was on the ground we logged the wood and chipped all the brash on site. The customer will now gain the benefits of wood chip mulch during the following months when it is spread onto the garden beds, and …