Log Sales

Log Sales

Our softwood and hardwood logs are sold in standard builders bags (85 x 85 x 85cm – capacity 0.61m³). Logs are a byproduct of our tree work undertaken in the local area minimising our carbon footprint. Split wood lengths are generally between 6/8 inches and naturally seasoned with a moisture content of around 25%.

Some softwoods have a bad reputation for not being good firewood and clogging up the wood burner flue, this is because people are burning high resinous wood when it isn’t properly seasoned. All of our wood is naturally seasoned between 9/12 months.

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Softwood £60.00 ex delivery

(Sold Out)

(Leylandii, Lime, Pine)

Hardwood £100.00 ex delivery (Sold Out)

(Apple, Yew, Sycamore, Beech, Cherry, Birch, Ash, etc)

There may be a small delivery charge depending on the delivery location.

Our Firewood

Softwood is good firewood! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

In Scandinavian countries, their forests consist of pretty much all softwood trees and Scandinavians use softwood in their wood burners. If seasoned well it burns as hot as hardwood but you just need more of it as it burns quicker.

    • As softwood is less dense you need twice as much as you would hardwood.
    • Burns leaving a lovely aroma.
    • Softwood grows and seasons in a shorter period.
  • Burns as hot as hardwood.