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Dead Tree and Laurel Hedge, Hospital Lane, Mickleover

Dead Tree and Laurel Hedge, Hospital Lane, Mickleover 01

Here we have a dead standing tree that had been pollarded in the past few years but never recovered from the work. The owner wanted it cutting down to 3ft from the ground. They also wanted their Cherry Laurel hedge reducing in height by around a foot . – Location – Mickleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Trimming, Mickleover – Beech and Leylandii Hedge

Trimming, Mickleover 09

Here are two hedges we have just completed in Mickleover, Derby. One was a Beech hedge in the front garden and a largish Leylandii hedge at the rear. The top of the Leylandii towards the back had 2/3 years growth, which was considerably thicker in diameter and the stems had to be cut individually with a saw and fed through the chipper. The rest of …

Large Conifer Trim – Barrow on Trent

Large Conifer Trim Barrow on Trent Derby © Gardenscape, Derby 10

We kicked off this this years trimming season with a Leylandii hedge in Barrow on Trent. It took just over two days to complete both hedges, with the second hedge having all sides trimmed. It was a physically tough job to complete, but really happy with the results. A nicely groomed hedge really does make a garden look great. – Location – Barrow on Trent, …

Beech Hedge Reduction, Kings Newton

Beech Hedge Reduction, Kings Newton, Derbyshire 01

We were in Kings Newton, Derbyshire today for another Beech hedge reduction. Kings Newton is a charming little village situated in south Derbyshire. It was a beautiful foggy morning to be working outside and once again we opted not for the chainsaw or trimmers, but to use our Japanese Okatsune shears and secateurs to maintain a crisp cut finish to the hedge. Always feels therapeutic …

Beech Hedge Reduction, Chellaston

Beech Hedge Reduction 04

Here is a small Beech hedge reduction this morning in Chellaston. It was a pretty wet and dull day but an enjoyable job to work on. It’s not often I get the chance to use my secateurs and shears, but the whole hedge was reduced using a pruning saw and secateurs, and then finally groomed with my favourite pair  of Okatsune shears from Japan. Doing …

Privet Hedge Trim, Mickleover

Privet Hedge Trim, Mickleover 02

One of our regulars in Mickeover, Derby. We trim this Privet hedge between 3/4 times during the spring/summer season. This is the final trim now until early spring next year. The hedge was becoming to wide at roadside view by the lamp post, so our customer asked us to take it back a few inches to fall back behind the lamp post. As you can …

Beech Hedge Trim, Brailsford

Beech Hedge Trim, Brailsford, Derby 03

Here is a fairly long  Cooper Beech hedge (Fagus sylvatica f. purpurea) that we were asked to trim. Generally late summer around early/mid-august is the best time to trim them as they hold on to their new leaves throughout the winter in their brown autumn state, providing all year round screening. – Location – Brailsford, Derbyshire Images © Gardenscape/Daniel Dytrych –