Weeping Willow Pollard – Chellaston, Derby

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Today we visited this fairly large weeping willow pollard in Chellaston, Derby. The tree had been previously pollarded by the previous house owners and the current owners had decided it needed pollarding again, but ever lower than previous. Willow is a tree that is pretty much indestructible and will take well to any form of work taken out on them. They just keep going. We don’t really do the bigger trees but this one was actually a nice challenge, and the high vertical stems to climb proved frustratingly challenging.

The job was done to a standard we are happy with and more importantly the customer is really pleased.

Tree Species – Weeping Willow (Salix × sepulcralis)
Location – Chellaston, Derby
Images © Gardenscape/Daniel Dytrych

Before Pollard

During Pollard

Post Pollard

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