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Dead Tree and Laurel Hedge, Hospital Lane, Mickleover

Dead Tree and Laurel Hedge, Hospital Lane, Mickleover 01

Here we have a dead standing tree that had been pollarded in the past few years but never recovered from the work. The owner wanted it cutting down to 3ft from the ground. They also wanted their Cherry Laurel hedge reducing in height by around a foot . – Location – Mickleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Ash Tree Removal, Littleover

Ash Tree Removal, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby

We were asked to take down this large Ash tree in Littleover. I was sad to see it go as it was around 60 years old and it was a nice specimen, but the person who owned it has planning for a garage. It was around 26inch at the base of the trunk, so logging the main trunk took a few steady hours. Heavy slabs …

Yew Tree Removal – Chellaston, Derby

yew tree chellaston © Gardenscape, Derby_005 Featured

We were in Chellaston today removing a Yew tree and a few other small bits. The homeowner has plans to level off the front garden. We will return to grind the stumps out. – Tree Species – English Yew (Taxus baccata) Location – Chellaston, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Various Tree Removal, Mackworth

Various Tree Removal Mackworth © Gardenscape 06

We were asked to remove 4 trees in a back garden in Mackworth. All trees were safely felled onto the ground, sned and logged. The customer wanted to keep the logs for their wood burner so we organised them into neat piles. – Tree Species – Sitka Spruce, Willow, Sycamore, Wild Elder Location – Mackworth, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

30ft Lime Tree Removal, Mickleover

30ft Lime Tree Removal, Mickleover 04

A 30ft Lime tree removal in Mickleover this morning. The tree itself is around 40 years old, but has been pollarded during its lifetime hence the reason it’s only around 30ft, but has a large trunk below the pollard. Our customer was fed up with the regular maintenance, so he wanted the tree taking down leaving around 4ft of the trunk to make into a …

Lime Tree Removal, Littleover

Lime Tree Removal Littleover © Gardenscape 07

Here is a small Lime tree removal in a back garden in Littleover. The customer wanted it removing along with a Wild Elder hard reduction next to it. Both trees were blocking sunlight and contributing to dampness on the decking below. We left the job after another very tidy cleanup. – Tree Species – Common Lime (Tilia × europaea) Location – Littleover, Derby Images © …

Ashleaf Maple Removal, Blagreaves Lane

Ashleaf Maple Removal © Gardenscape 05

In a garden on Blagreaves Lane was a small Ashleaf Maple tree that was requested to be removed as it was getting to large for its space. It was a straight forward job lowering sections of the tree to the ground ready for processing. The logs were taken away for good quality firewood. It was a nice job to work on apart the the awful …

Storm Damaged Willow Trees, Repton

Storm Damaged Willow Trees © Gardenscape, Derby 001

Two Willow Trees brought down by storm Dorris a few weeks back needed removing. They had both landed in neighbouring gardens. Fortunately, for the homeowners, nothing was to seriously damaged apart from some fencing. Beneath the trees was a stream so both trees were safety released from their trunks and winched onto land to be processed. With willow being a brittle wood it’s prone to …

Pine Tree Removal, Barrow on Trent

Pine Tree Removal Barrow on Trent 2017 © Gardenscape, Derby 001

We were asked to remove a Pine tree from a small garden in Barrow on Trent in South-Derbyshire. The customer asked for it to be taken down to around 5ft as they wanted to turn the stump into a bird table. Logs were logged and left for firewood. – Location – Barrow on Trent, South-Derbyshire Images © Gardenscape –

Small Cherry Tree Removal, Melbourne

Cherry Tree Removal, Derbyshire 01

We were asked to remove a Cherry tree (Prunus avium) as the customer felt it was getting to large for its allocated space. When the tree was on the ground we logged the wood and chipped all the brash on site. The customer will now gain the benefits of wood chip mulch during the following months when it is spread onto the garden beds, and …