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Lime Pollard – Findern, Derby

Lime Pollard, Findern

Three previously pollarded Lime trees needed pruning again. When Lime trees are pollarded they begin to send out copious amounts of epicormic growth. Usually this process needs repeating every 2/3 years. – Tree Species – Common Lime (Tilia x europaea) Location – Findern, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby 08

Here is a Horse Chestnut tree in Littleover. We recommended for it to be pollarded as it was far to big for it’s space. The tree suffers from the common Leaf Mining Moth. – Tree Species – Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) Location – Littleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

Weeping Willow Pollard – Chellaston, Derby

weeping willow pollard 04

Today we visited this fairly large weeping willow pollard in Chellaston, Derby. The tree had been previously pollarded by the previous house owners and the current owners had decided it needed pollarding again, but ever lower than previous. Willow is a tree that is pretty much indestructible and will take well to any form of work taken out on them. They just keep going. We …

Conifer Removal and Hawthorn Pollard, Littleover

conifer removal feature

Today in Littleover we were booked in to remove a conifer tree and re-pollard two small hawthorn trees. The customer wanted to keep the chippings so they asked us to fill a couple of bulk bags so they can spread it on their paths at the bottom of the garden. Customers once again really happy with the work. – Location – Littleover, Derby Images © …

Poplar Pollard, Dartmouth Golf Course

Poplar Pollard 14

Today we arrived at a golf course to pollard a 60ft damaged Hybrid Black-poplar tree. Last week one of its limbs had torn away from the main trunk leaving a deep wound and weakening the main supporting trunk. The customer wanted the tree pollarding to the main forks, we suggested it be felled, but the tree will continue to send out new growth from the …