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Ash Tree Removal, Littleover

Ash Tree Removal, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby

We were asked to take down this large Ash tree in Littleover. I was sad to see it go as it was around 60 years old and it was a nice specimen, but the person who owned it has planning for a garage. It was around 26inch at the base of the trunk, so logging the main trunk took a few steady hours. Heavy slabs …

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby 08

Here is a Horse Chestnut tree in Littleover. We recommended for it to be pollarded as it was far to big for it’s space. The tree suffers from the common Leaf Mining Moth. – Tree Species – Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) Location – Littleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

TPO Lime Tree, Littleover

TPO Lime Tree Littleover @ Gardenscape Derby 03

We spent a day sorting out this messy Lime tree in a garden in Littleover. An application by our customer had been submitted and given the go ahead to reduce canopy up to 2 metres and lift crown up to 3 metres. The most tedious part of the job was the the huge amount of epicormic growth the tree had given out on the trunk …

Two Leylandii Removals in Littleover

Leylandii Dismantle Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby 03

Here are two Leylandii trees at a property in Littleover. We were asked to removed them as they were taking to much of the space up in the garden. We climbed and dismantled both trees and logged up the timber. – Tree Species – Leylandii Location – Littleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

Lime Tree Removal, Littleover

Lime Tree Removal Littleover © Gardenscape 07

Here is a small Lime tree removal in a back garden in Littleover. The customer wanted it removing along with a Wild Elder hard reduction next to it. Both trees were blocking sunlight and contributing to dampness on the decking below. We left the job after another very tidy cleanup. – Tree Species – Common Lime (Tilia × europaea) Location – Littleover, Derby Images © …

Ashleaf Maple Removal, Blagreaves Lane

Ashleaf Maple Removal © Gardenscape 05

In a garden on Blagreaves Lane was a small Ashleaf Maple tree that was requested to be removed as it was getting to large for its space. It was a straight forward job lowering sections of the tree to the ground ready for processing. The logs were taken away for good quality firewood. It was a nice job to work on apart the the awful …

Conifer Removal and Hawthorn Pollard, Littleover

conifer removal feature

Today in Littleover we were booked in to remove a conifer tree and re-pollard two small hawthorn trees. The customer wanted to keep the chippings so they asked us to fill a couple of bulk bags so they can spread it on their paths at the bottom of the garden. Customers once again really happy with the work. – Location – Littleover, Derby Images © …

Reduction – Silver Birch and Leyland, Littleover

After Reduction-Silver Birch Leyland 02

We had a small Silver Birch and Leyland Cypress to reduce this morning in Littleover. This job was a little tricky as the drag to the chipper was through a conservatory and garage so much care was taken not to damage anything. The garden also had many ornamental obstacles, plant pots, a shed, lights, etc. Fortunately nothing was broken during the job and the customer …