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Lime Pollard – Findern, Derby

Lime Pollard, Findern

Three previously pollarded Lime trees needed pruning again. When Lime trees are pollarded they begin to send out copious amounts of epicormic growth. Usually this process needs repeating every 2/3 years. – Tree Species – Common Lime (Tilia x europaea) Location – Findern, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Yew Tree Removal – Chellaston, Derby

yew tree chellaston © Gardenscape, Derby_005 Featured

We were in Chellaston today removing a Yew tree and a few other small bits. The homeowner has plans to level off the front garden. We will return to grind the stumps out. – Tree Species – English Yew (Taxus baccata) Location – Chellaston, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby 08

Here is a Horse Chestnut tree in Littleover. We recommended for it to be pollarded as it was far to big for it’s space. The tree suffers from the common Leaf Mining Moth. – Tree Species – Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) Location – Littleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

TPO Lime Tree, Littleover

TPO Lime Tree Littleover @ Gardenscape Derby 03

We spent a day sorting out this messy Lime tree in a garden in Littleover. An application by our customer had been submitted and given the go ahead to reduce canopy up to 2 metres and lift crown up to 3 metres. The most tedious part of the job was the the huge amount of epicormic growth the tree had given out on the trunk …

Various Tree Removal, Mackworth

Various Tree Removal Mackworth © Gardenscape 06

We were asked to remove 4 trees in a back garden in Mackworth. All trees were safely felled onto the ground, sned and logged. The customer wanted to keep the logs for their wood burner so we organised them into neat piles. – Tree Species – Sitka Spruce, Willow, Sycamore, Wild Elder Location – Mackworth, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

Two Leylandii Removals in Littleover

Leylandii Dismantle Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby 03

Here are two Leylandii trees at a property in Littleover. We were asked to removed them as they were taking to much of the space up in the garden. We climbed and dismantled both trees and logged up the timber. – Tree Species – Leylandii Location – Littleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

Lombardy Poplar Crown Lift, Mickleover

Lombardy Poplar Crown Lift © Gardenscape Featured

Here are a row of stunning Lombardy Poplars protected under a TPO. Our customer wanted to lift the crowns to open up the stunning view from his garden. We successfully applied for a 5 metre lift on them. We took the lift to the horizon level still leaving the trees with shape. It looks tidier and gives the impression the garden is bigger. We applied …

Leylandii Removal, Stenson Fields

Leylandii Removal, Stenson Fields 002

We removed a fairly large Leylandii tree from a small garden in Stenson Fields. The tree was clearly far to big for its space and very close to a neighbouring house. The tree base had already begun lifting the surrounding fencing. It was around 30ft in height with quite a large base. It isn’t a good idea to plant Leylandii trees so close to houses …

30ft Lime Tree Removal, Mickleover

30ft Lime Tree Removal, Mickleover 04

A 30ft Lime tree removal in Mickleover this morning. The tree itself is around 40 years old, but has been pollarded during its lifetime hence the reason it’s only around 30ft, but has a large trunk below the pollard. Our customer was fed up with the regular maintenance, so he wanted the tree taking down leaving around 4ft of the trunk to make into a …

Trimming, Mickleover – Beech and Leylandii Hedge

Trimming, Mickleover 09

Here are two hedges we have just completed in Mickleover, Derby. One was a Beech hedge in the front garden and a largish Leylandii hedge at the rear. The top of the Leylandii towards the back had 2/3 years growth, which was considerably thicker in diameter and the stems had to be cut individually with a saw and fed through the chipper. The rest of …