Poplar Pollard, Dartmouth Golf Course

Today we arrived at a golf course to pollard a 60ft damaged Hybrid Black-poplar tree. Last week one of its limbs had torn away from the main trunk leaving a deep wound and weakening the main supporting trunk. The customer wanted the tree pollarding to the main forks, we suggested it be felled, but the tree will continue to send out new growth from the cut points. Pretty much the whole canopy of the tree was dropped in one go after much thought. Before this could be done the limbs behind the poplar tree to the right need to be removed to prevent the risk of the tree getting dangerously hung up and damaging the neighbouring tree.

Unfortunately the open wound will eventually begin to rot and allow pest and diseases to enter the tree. It will begin to decline over the years but now the weight of the canopy has been removed it has been made safe.

Tree Species – Hybrid Black-poplar (Populus x canadensis)
Location – Melbourne, Dartmouth
Images © Gardenscape/Daniel Dytrych