Calke Abbey, Derbyshire

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Today I spent the afternoon walking around Calke Abbey, Derbyshire. There was a beautiful soft pinkish light casting over Derbyshire during the day so I thought some good photos could be found. Always loved Calke Abbey, it’s a naturally beautiful area with some of the oldest trees in Europe and probably has the best looking trees you will find in Derbyshire. Some of the mature trees are dead left standing and some are in their decline process.

What amazes me about trees is that they fight right until the end and continue to send out growth even though the other 90% of the tree is dead. When trees make it to this late stage in life they look their best and they show all the hallmarks of being battered by the elements of nature over the years.

If you are visiting Derbyshire, then make sure this place in on your ‘to go to’ list.

Location – Calke Abbey, Derbyshire
Images © Gardenscape/Daniel Dytrych


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