Dead Tree and Laurel Hedge, Hospital Lane, Mickleover

Dead Tree and Laurel Hedge, Hospital Lane, Mickleover 01

Here we have a dead standing tree that had been pollarded in the past few years but never recovered from the work. The owner wanted it cutting down to 3ft from the ground. They also wanted their Cherry Laurel hedge reducing in height by around a foot . – Location – Mickleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Ash Tree Removal, Littleover

Ash Tree Removal, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby

We were asked to take down this large Ash tree in Littleover. I was sad to see it go as it was around 60 years old and it was a nice specimen, but the person who owned it has planning for a garage. It was around 26inch at the base of the trunk, so logging the main trunk took a few steady hours. Heavy slabs …

Clearing Self Seeded Trees – Findern, Derby

Clearing self seeded trees, Findern, Derby

A customer of ours has some private land with a lot of juvenile self seeded trees that they wanted removing in Findern. Most were European Ash, but a few were Black Alder and the odd English Oak (Quercus robur). – Tree Species – Black Alder (Alnus glutinosa) European Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) Location – Findern, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Lime Pollard – Findern, Derby

Lime Pollard, Findern

Three previously pollarded Lime trees needed pruning again. When Lime trees are pollarded they begin to send out copious amounts of epicormic growth. Usually this process needs repeating every 2/3 years. – Tree Species – Common Lime (Tilia x europaea) Location – Findern, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Yew Tree Removal – Chellaston, Derby

yew tree chellaston © Gardenscape, Derby_005 Featured

We were in Chellaston today removing a Yew tree and a few other small bits. The homeowner has plans to level off the front garden. We will return to grind the stumps out. – Tree Species – English Yew (Taxus baccata) Location – Chellaston, Derby Images © Gardenscape – Photos

Eucalyptus, Aston-on-Trent

Eucalyptus, Aston on Trent

Myself and Lewis (the groundy) tackled this Eucalyptus tree in Aston-on-Trent in South Derbyshire, on a stunningly warm October day. The homeowner was concerned of the lean towards the road, other close by properties and the original brick wall. Gradually as the Eucalyptus trunk adds more annual rings, the diameter of the trunk increases and would eventually knock the wall down. The tree took just …

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover

Horse Chestnut Pollard, Littleover © Gardenscape, Derby 08

Here is a Horse Chestnut tree in Littleover. We recommended for it to be pollarded as it was far to big for it’s space. The tree suffers from the common Leaf Mining Moth. – Tree Species – Horse Chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum) Location – Littleover, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

TPO Lime Tree, Littleover

TPO Lime Tree Littleover @ Gardenscape Derby 03

We spent a day sorting out this messy Lime tree in a garden in Littleover. An application by our customer had been submitted and given the go ahead to reduce canopy up to 2 metres and lift crown up to 3 metres. The most tedious part of the job was the the huge amount of epicormic growth the tree had given out on the trunk …

Conifer Stumps Removal, Oakwood

Conifer Stump Removal, Oakwood © Gardenscape 02

We were asked to remove 12 conifer stumps from a customers garden. Thankfully the customer that had cut down their Leylandii’s left a foot or so to winch the stumps out. Access to the garden was restricted so this was the most practical method. – Location – Oakwood, Derby Images © Gardenscape –

Scots Pine Crown Lift, Longford, Ashbourne

Scots Pine Crown Lift, Longford, Ashbourne © Gardenscape 02

This was our second job in Longford. We spent a whole day doing various tree works which included removing small trees, thinning out and crown lifting a row of Scots Pines in the front garden of this property. It was the hottest day of the year so far and it sure was a joy to be doing tree work in such beautiful surroundings on a …