30ft Lime Tree Removal, Mickleover

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A 30ft Lime tree removal in Mickleover this morning. The tree itself is around 40 years old, but has been pollarded during its lifetime hence the reason it’s only around 30ft, but has a large trunk below the pollard. Our customer was fed up with the regular maintenance, so he wanted the tree taking down leaving around 4ft of the trunk to make into a garden feature. We had to navigate a couple of phone lines during the take down.

There came a good pile of logs that we logged up ready to be split for firewood next year. Despite is being a quick burning hardwood it’s still good to burn especiallywhen mixed with some of the harder woods, such as Ash, Oak and Sycamore.

Tree Species – Common Lime (Tilia × europaea)
Location – Mickeover, Derby
Images © Gardenscape

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